So, as many of you know, I was able to attend She Speaks with the Proverbs 31 girls this past weekend.  What a blessed time of connection and joining in Christian Community with other writers and speakers.  Wow…

Amidst the pitching a book and speaker evaluation groups, I found a hidden blessing.  I had attended this session by Tom Davis on platform skills that was truly incredible.  Honestly, one of the best trainings I had ever been to.  As he was presenting I found myself thinking, “who is this guy?”  Later that day I had the opportunity to sit in on another session about ministering from our passion.  It was in that session that I realized who he was…  Tom Davis the author.  The guy who wrote “Fields of the Fatherless” and “Red Letters” and “Scared” and “Priceless”.  I can’t think of many authors where I can say I’ve read all their books, but Tom’s I have.  He writes on Orphans and Human Trafficking.  Two subjects that I am PASSIONATE about.

I had to chuckle that I never made the connection in my first session with him.  However, I was super excited to make the connection in his session.

So, you should know this about me.  I am not a stand in the line to meet a celebrity type.  I’m just not.  I feel sorry for them and would much rather have an authentic relationship with someone than an autograph.  It’s just who I am.  But God clearly told me that I needed to stand in line and meet him.  Not just meet him, but volunteer to pray for him.

So, what’s a girl to do?  I walked up front and got into the small line that was gathering.  And when we spoke, I simply told him that I lead a prayer time once a week for Orphans and Trafficking and would LOVE to pray for his ministry.  Not the everyday things that appear on blogs and facebook, but the real behind the scenes things that can’t be published on social media.  God has really given me a burden to pray for this and his ministry would fit so well with what we don.  Tom is the CEO of a ministry called Children’s Hope Chest.  Check theme out here:

Also follow there facebook page here…

As a part of his participation in She Speaks, their ministry will be taking one lucky gal to Maldova to gain an understanding of Human Trafficking in new ways.  (Some prayers that my name would be that “lucky” girl would be much appreciated!)  They will be drawing that name sometime in August I believe  (OK – my attention to detail is showing there huh!)

Anyway…  Here’s a photo of Tom and I.  I’m still laughing because I’m not the girl to ask for a photo, but REALLY…..  It’s a great reminder to pray.

It was a honor and privelage to meet him and talk in person, and even more so to be able to pray for Tom and the ministry.  Pray with me that this prayer partnership goes well and that we can .support his real efforts with the best support ever, prayer.   And while you’re at it, why don’t you join us on wednesday nights…. 8:30 – 9:30 at the HOME building – if you are from the Sioux Center area, join us on site.  If not… message me and let me know that you are joining in prayer whereever you are.