Their is just something special about a daddy and his daughter. I watch Tom with his 2 girls, and blink back tears so many times.

Tom had a hard day today, a really hard day. With frustrations and fears and nerves, and, and, and. As much as I tried to love on him and reassure him, it wasn’t quite working…

And then his daughters stole his precious heart, as if saying – “Get behind me Satan!”. Kendra, the oldest sent a text that actually made my big strong guy get tears. Just loving and supporting and caring. Praying over him. WOW… 23 and mature beyond her years, she was used by God today in a way I could only pray for and dream of.

And tonight, Emma just needed her daddy by her in bed. She’s only 4, but is social and perceptive. She kept coming down needing “something”. I watched them walk up the steps together with Tom giving her the “this is the last time” talk. As I roamed the house looking for Tom, it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen him come back down. Up I went, and sure enough there the were; both completely out! Arm in arm, entangled in one another. Tom hasn’t slept well for nights… I contemplated waking him and decided, if his little sweetheart can help him get some good sleep… why disturb the peace?

“Thank you heavenly father for the blessing of a solid daddy for these girls. So many girls grow up lacking and wanting and needing affection from their daddy. You gave our two sweethearts a dad who has few words, but is always arms wide open for snuggles, hugs, or just sitting on his lap watching tv. He’s firm with rules, but generous with love. He desires God for them and prays over them. Thank you God for him and the blessing he is to this house!”