This blog post is soley for Emma.  My mama heart is overflowing for her tonight.  She has been tormented with dreams about fires, so every night we go through the routine of what will happen if we have a fire. 

Well… tonight we were talking about it and I said that Jesus lives in her and will keep her safe, that she doesn’t need to be afraid. And she looked at me with big blue, serious eyes and said, “but mommy, Jesus doesn’t live in me.” SO….  of course I asked her if she wanted him to live in her heart, and as she snuggled on my lap, daddy prayed with her, and she repeated after him.  And now… Jesus lives in her heart.  When we were done, she gave me a big hug and said “mama, I can feel his bones growing in me!” 

Amen sista!  I say let his bones grow and let him take root in you in a mighty way.  You are such a child of his, and the miracle he did in your life is just a sign of mighty things to come for you.  His hand has been upon you since you were born, and I rejoice that tonight he lives in your heart. 

We picked a life verse for each of the kids when they were born.  Emmas was “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  This continues to be our prayer for her.  That she would delight herself in Him.  And tonight this verse has new significance to me.  If she finds delight in him, then the desires of her heart, with be His desires.  (because he lives there!)  How true that is for each of us!  May Emma’s opening ofh er heart to jesus be only the start of her finding delight in Him, and in his desires being lived out in her life.