“Even as he was telling me about my recent “promotion” I found myself wondering why I didn’t feel happier. Where was my joy?  Why was my mind already moving on to wondering why my next accomplishment needed to be? I remember thinking – who is the person, and how did I become her?”                                                     –Jen Sandbulte 

 Do you have a desire to go deeper in your relationship with the  Lord?  Are you being called to be more than a “Sunday Christian?”  Have you ever caught yourself thinking “the people I work with don’t really know “that” side of me… meaning your walk with the Lord and your Faith?”  If you love the Lord and want to grow in your service to him, statistically, work is the place where you spend the most time and encounter the most lost people. In Colossians 3:23 we read, “In everything you do, work at it as if working for the Lord.”  Do we tend to preclude our work from this definition of “everything?” Why is it that we preclude ourselves from being sold out in our work place?  We are all out for Jesus at church, where we are amongst other believers. It’s time we get bold, understand our rights, and look to scripture to determine how Jesus would minister to those around him at the office, on the manufacturing floor, washing dishes, etc. Just like God encountered Moses in the burning bush while he was at work as a shepherd, He wants to be a real part of your work life and encounter you there as well. It’s time to be who he called us to be and do what he called you to do. “In everything you do, work at it as if working for the Lord.”  Written by a woman who spent several years working for the world, and then encountered the Lord in new ways, real life examples of “how to” will ensure even the lukewarm reader is excited to Work4Him. Work4Him is a unique combination of personal stories, biblical examples and professional   advice from a seasoned Human Resources professional. Take a step forward in Working4Him and you will be amazed at how God uses you in His kingdom and how you find more satisfaction in everything you do!