Do you ever have those moments?  Tonight I was relishing in the last night before we send the kids back to school and get back into our routine.  Enjoying every last minute of our snuggle time and “vacation” time. 

Emma had asked to take a shower, so I was helping her in.  She needed me to wait for her to get undressed so that she could give me a hug before she got in.  I got my very specific direction from her (If you know Emma, that doesn’t surprise you)  “Mom – stand RIGHT there and get ready to hug me.”  So… I did just that.  I put my arms out and closed my eyes and was kneeling there waiting to hug here.  And then… it was if God whispered to me…  “This is how I stand waiting for you.  Just waiting for you to walk up and hug me, I have my arms open.  This is how I feel, just like you do right now, only much more.”  I could only give a smile and silently thank him.  Thank him for his love, but more so, for perspective.  I could almost feel him huggin me right then, and savoring in the hug.  What a moment!  And then…little bare butt Emma comes running in and throws herself in my arms, resting her head on my shoulder and says “You’re the best mom ever!”   (Mind you last night I was the worst mom ever and she didn’t want to see me again!)  That moment, those 2 seconds before she dashed off to the shower were a taste of heaven for me!  And then, a tear runs down my cheek.  How that felt for me, was nothing compared to how God feels about me.  And… he cared enough to tell me that in my inner being.   To whisper when I was on my knees with Arms Wide Open! 

Misty Edwards sings this song that I love, and I’m sure that it has become my new favorite for a while! 

“Lord, thank you for Christmas break and for the memories with family.  Thank you for quiet times and places when we can slow down enough to have you speak to us.  Thank you for using Emma to get me to a place where you could speak to me… Thank you for the love you have for me!  WOW…  you are cool!  As I look forward to 2011, my goal is to “Be still and know that you are God.”  bring me to my knees so that I can experience more and more of you!”