At times, the strangest things become significant in my house.  This week was one of those weeks.  (well, for a lot of reasons, but…)

Emma is 6 and 3/4.  She is full of life and energy and laughter, and truth be told, farts.  (I know, not very lady like:-)  She is also tall, and wears a size 10/12.  She is my baby and my princess, and brings me joy in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

I decided a week ago it needed to happen, and this week, it did.  I made the move and put ALL of her stuff on big girl hangers.  No more pretty pink baby hangers.  They hang empty now, ready to give to a friend having a baby soon.



I know, it’s a silly thing to be sad about, but there are so many memories.  It’s been over a decade since this house has been without baby hangers.  And, though they are just hangers, they represent sweet innocence.  When baby hangers are around you have socks that are tiny and outfits that just make you go “OOOooooo”   The child that snuggles in fits just right and is dependent on you in ways that you couldn’t imagine before.  The things they say and do when they are this size, well, they are priceless.  And, although it has been over a decade, the time still went to quickly.  I can still totally remember the day that I got to buy “pink” when Emma was born.  (Before we had blue and white:-)

Tonight Emma started soccer for the first time.  After watching her boys for the last 5 years, she is FINALLY able to participate.  Let me tell you, this little girl was excited.  Her first game was suppose to be last week and both were snowed out, as well as one this week.  Last week she cried 3 nights in a row because I was out of town at a conference on Saturday and was going to miss her first game.  Good thing the snow didn’t melt and I didn’t miss it, because it was stinkin cute.  She was nervous and proud and giggly and well, just cute the entire time.  Couldn’t help but just smile and take it in.

God continues to paint a masterpiece with this one.  With each brush stroke, I look back and remember, and just as quickly he gives me something new to treasure.  Pretty pink baby hangers and the days of baby magic and sleeping on my chest may be past, but God continues to remind me that he makes each day new.

I pray that he continues to give me eyes to see and rejoice in the small things.  I pray that he excites my heart as much as he did sweet Emma’s for this first soccer game.  That as he teaches me things for the first time that I will concentrate on what he is saying and try my hardest.  That I’ll giggle some and love those around me.  That even when the other team scores and I’m at the goal, that I would turn and smile at my mama.  Oh, that I would have the heart of a child….