mom dancing with daughter
Sometimes, it just happens.  You get a rare opportunity to let your hair down and just dance.  You know… All out dance and let it go and be silly and crazy.  Tonight, I was blessed to be able to do that with Carter and Emma.  We were getting ready for my bible study girls to come over for a Christmas get together, and one of our favorite songs (Shakina Glory) came on.  As if on cue, Carter, Emma and I just started to dance.  Laughing and giggling and praising God and dancing. 
Tonight will be one of those nights I will remember forever.  Emma kept turning the radio up and was just squealing.  We let loose and it was like heavven on Earth. 
And then it hit me.  I was with the kids and watching them and just so full of joy.  And God in heaven was watching us in even more joy as we praised him.  Even now, that is hard for me to imagine!  And if we can not only experience that joy, but create that joy for God by just praising him… why don’t we do it more often??? 
Before I knew it, our song was over, the radio turned down, and I went back to cutting cheese and singing quietly to the kids.  But… I was changed.  Who knows for how long, but changed all the same.  I caught a glimpse of the joy God has when we worship him with reckless abandon. 
So.. that is my prayer for you as we get a day closer to Christmas.  That you might find a time to dance.  To release the inhibitions and just full heartedly worship God.  However that might look for you, I pray that it blesses you with a new awareness of Him, just as it has me!
Psalm 13:6 – I will sing the LORD’s praise, for he has been good to me.