So… I never dream. Or at least I don’t remember them. Today I awoke with slight memories of a dream from last night about lemons and limes. (are you laughing out loud?) I can remember that I was trying to tell what the difference was between the two of them in terms of taste and was having a hard time. Don’t know the setting, don’t know why, Just that I was stuck on trying to tell what was different between a lemon and a lime. I also had this stirring within me that God doesn’t want us to waste so much time focusing on the little differences.

In my awake mind, lemons and lime have slightly different taste, and obviously different color. But I can’ help thinking that there is a deeper message embedded. We get so hung up on the difference in taste at times that we can’t enjoy them.

Tom and I love to travel to Mexico. I also love to have a “Lime” in my diet coke. SO… in mexico, their diet coke tastes different, so I always try to order it with a lime. Nearly without fail, I will get it with a lemon in it. (smile) At times I have found myself hung up on vacation ove r this minor detail. Seriously… I’m on a georgous beach and hung up over a lime! (Roll eyes here!)

Today, I’m reflecting on enjoying what GOd has given me and prising him for it. I feel he wants my focus to be ont he things he created for us and gave us, and that we not get lost in focusing the minor things. I can clearly see areas in my past where I have done this that I need to let go of.

I can’t help but ask what else I’m missing here. If feel a heavy burden that this all means more… Anyone have insight for me? What does this silly dream speak to you? Perhaps it will help take the burden from my heart.