Here it is…. the first produce from our first garden!  We were out weeding this week and there it was.  A perfectly ripe little tomato.  Enough for each of us to have one small, delicious bite!  Can’t wait until the rest of them are ready and we’re snarfing down fresh BLT’s…  MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.

We made the move and planted a gareden this year.  We weren’t sure where we wanted it to be long term, and debated about holding off a year, but decided it could always be moved, so we went for it.  (All but the aspargus which is still sitting by the garage door looking a bit rough!) 

Each of the kids picked a vegetable to plant and be responsible for weeding.  Well, the weeding part has been a bit of a struggle up until this last week with all the rain, but we’re getting her whipped back into shape.  (So she’s not a beauty, but it’s a first!)  Rule is they have to weed what they planted.  Caleb was smart and picked the cucumbers!  Emma on the other hand picked the peas.  (Guess who does a lot of helping her!) 

This little tomato, and how we delighted in it made me think of God’s rejoicing when even one hears his name and believes in him.  We are like the first picking for him at that point.  the first delicious taste of what life will be like with him.  Sweet and delicious. 

The kids are so excited to see things grow and to be ablet o eat them…  It’s awesome to watch.  Again, I’m imagining how excited God is when he watches us grow and mature.  And then he picks us and takes us to heaven with him, and is delighted in us, just as we were in our little tomato!