So, I know some of you are doing the math right now.  Lent is 6 weeks… 7 days a week, that’s only 42 days.  That leaves us with 48 days remaining.

Here’s my thing…  (Call it Jen math if you wish!)  Easter is an entire season.  It starts with Lent, and ends with Easter typically.  BUT….  Jesus didn’t just live and die and rise from the dead (WOW – seems like that would have been pretty amazing as it is!)  HE also ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN!  Now, THAT is the cool part.  You see, others had died and risen from the dead after 3 days (think Lazarus!), so it might have been explained away if he simply rose from the dead and walked around among his friends until the ripe old age of say 120 or something…  But that wasn’t his plan.  He came back momentarily and then ascended to heaven.  (But not before leaving behind the Holy Spirit and reassuring us he would come again!)

SO…. I view the Easter season from the beginning of lent through his ascension.

In Acts we read that between his resurrection and his ascension were 40 days.

Acts 1:3

To whom also he showed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God:

SO, instead of doing my normal “giving something” up for lent, I decided to take something on for lent.  The BIBLE to be exact.  You’ll soon see I’m not a perfectionist! (6 weeks of lent is actually 45 days (6 weeks plus Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday!)  So 45 lent days and 40 days till the ascension = 85 days!  Easter season is 85 days!  I’m a big fan of the bible app, and when I decided to “take on” the bible for lent, I quickly discovered a 90 day reading plan.  I Jen math, 90 days was just perfect for an 85 day season.   For as long as I can remember, I have “given something up” for lent, as a symbol and reminder of his sacrifice for me.  Diet Coke, Candy, all sugar, Facebook, and on and on….  Impactful, yes!  But it didn’t quite feel right this year.  SO…..  I adjusted my focus, and I’m “getting” lent in a whole new way!

Now, here’s the “I’m not legalistic” confession (for those of you who role your eyes and may be tempted to think I am overly organized!)  I was in Mexico when Lent began.  So I missed it.  I didn’t get going on my 90 days…  until about 11 days ago.  (Cough cough….)  I moved from complacency and “I goofed” to, it’s still lent and God has a plan in this.  I’ll be obedient and commit to “taking on” his word.  Even if the exact 90 days I’ll be reading aren’t the exact 90 days of lent!  Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace!

Wanna join me?  It’s not too late to start.  (It’s never too late!)

And for those of you who are ready to start an argument and say I won’t get anything out of it reading it that quickly, please … grace, grace, grace, grace, grace.  God’s words are ordained, God breathed words.   Sometimes I ponder one verse for months.  Sometimes I want to read his word as a story and “get it” from beginning to end.  That is the season I am in.  I want to take in the fullness of his master plan.  I want the 300,000 foot overview and vision, so that when I work on an action plan, I know the big picture fresh and new.  As I read, I’m seeking fresh revelation on connections to other stories, and for fresh revelation from him!  So….  if you’re tempted to roll your eyes, do this for me… say a little prayer for refreshing and revelation for me!  Now…. I gotta run…. I have some bible reading to do!