Let me begin by showing you where I am blogging from today….


Yep, that is a laundry mat.  We are on family vacation and lo and behold one of my twins “forgot” to pack their underwear.  The good news is he has a twin brother that wears the exact same size.  (Sign!)  Small things.  So, while the kids are fishing off the dock with daddy, I am doing laundry.  Last night after showers I realized that they didn’t have any clean ones left.  Yes, that means they had to put on dirty underwear after their shower.  Ick!  For all the moms out there, you’ll totally get what I’m living through.  Needless to say, laundry this morning was first priority.

The delightful thing is that I typed this post by the pool while NO ONE else was there.  Birds chirping and the fountain running.  Pure delight.

We are at the sweet little resort at the Lake of the Ozarks called Lone Oak Resort.  It has become a family tradition that we dearly love.  Not fancy, just simple.  We do simply very well at our house.

I submitted my book proposal to Zondervan right before leaving and have been surprised at the amount of peace I have in this whole process.  I really feel like I am writing it because the Lord told me to, and if I pray and am faithful in how he answers, then it will go according to His will.  (Thus the reason I waited a week to submit a requested book proposal!)

One of the first evenings we were here I was walking along the path by the lake and just praying that God would lead and direct me.  As I looked at the beauty of nature right before me, this verse came to mind…  “In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight”  Proverbs 3:5-6.  This is Carters life verse, but on this day, I really felt it was meant for me.

I’ve been struggling with some changes in my online “presence” lately.  You see, the thought of a jensandbulte.com web page and writing a book based on my “expertise”, and all of that, it just seems so prideful to me.  And let’s be honest, pride is something that I have struggled with and I so don’t want that to be my posture.  So, I’ve been spending a lot of time praying about it and hoping that the Lord would convict me where I need to be convicted.  (notice I said conviction not condemnation!)

So, as I walked, this verse pierced me in such an amazing way.  If I focus my eyes on him, and pray and seek his will; If I acknowledge him in everything I do, then he will guide and direct my paths.   I must trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding.  He has opened doors and closed doors.  In midst of this call, he has stood beside me as I walked with my mom through brain cancer.  He will take care of things.  I just have to follow.

I can’t worry about what my “Sioux Center” friends might think or say.  I must worry about what God has to say.  And in order to do that, my attention has to be on him.  I also don’t get to sit back and do nothing and trust that  he is going to just do it all.  He is going to guide me to do what his will is.  This isn’t a passive relationship, it’s participative.

Where is he leading and guiding you today that you are struggling with understanding?  Where is he calling out to you that you are missing it because of your fears of others perceptions?  His will is good and pleasing and perfect.  Trust in Him!  Be courageous, and step out in faith!