I downloaded photos from my camera today looking for some great shots from our bonfire on the deck last night. Apparently Emma had gotten ahold of the camera, and the shot above is one of her MANY great shots. Needless to say, I had some interest angles and views of things in our house.
As I was deleting these, it resonated with me how differently she sees the world than I do. I had never thought of it from her perspective. She’s right around 3 feet tall. The photos she took were at her eye level. What I, as a big person thought was silly garbage, is what she see’s as she is walking forward most days. (Ok, she is looking everywhere but forward most days, but you get what I’m saying:-) The more I looked, the more I felt guilty for the times I have yelled at her for running into something or not seeing something that I was trying to get her to see.
We are like Emma. God see’s things in such a greater view than we could ever imagine. Once in a while we get the good sense to “look up” and we get it. Unfortunately, most of the time, we can only see things from where we are… and it is such a different place than where God is seeing us at. Just like we love and care for our children when they are stuck in the here and now, so does God. Just as we try to teach them and call out to them when they are about to run into something, so does God… and just like Emma, sometimes I don’t listen. Sometimes I don’t hear. Sometimes, I’m running so fast, I don’t even know He’s in the room. Sometimes I want to take the camera and take a picture and cry and say why did you put me here?? and then sometimes, I crawl up on His lap, and snuggle in and say “I love you Daddy” and lay my head on His shoulder and let Him take care of me…
Thank heavens I have a sweet little girl that can give me perspective!