Sometimes, you just feel pure blessing.  I have felt that lately.  This is a photo taken at my home a week ago, just as a storm passed through and the sun was starting to set.  A double rainbow surrounded our house.  No, we weren’t at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it was a blessing all the same!  All of were in awe of the beauty.  We’ve had the chance to see SEVERAL rainbows this year because of all the rain we’ve been blessed with (OK, just a bit of sarcasism there:-))

At any rate, we had just returned home from a wonderful relaxing vacation and were unpacking and doing laundry… then this appears.  Thank you God, for perfect distractions! 

This weekend, Igot to celebrate 11 wonderful years with my dear husband.  He’s amazing, and the way we’ve grown closer over the last few years than even before has me head over heels in love with him! 

Ok, so not our finest shot, but a fun one from vacation! 
We spent Saturday with all the kids, and just hung out at home doing what we love to do.  Swimming and smoking dinner, and relaxing.  It was an awesome day. 
Today, I had my friend Lori and her daughter Callie over to swim, and Tom and the boys got to enjoy some fishing!  Tonight we were able to have one of our traditional Sunday night bonfires with hot dogs n smores! Aaahhh… who doesn’t love summer????  
So tonight, I’m focused on blessings…  Thank you Lord, for blessing me.  Yes, I realize you have showered me this weekend and I am humbled by the love!  What an amazing God we serve!