Acts 5 – 15 is where we’re at…  Sorry for the lazy weekend.  The kids had a swim meet on Saturday and Tom went to the Vikings/Packers game with Matt for his 21st Birthday, so I was busy being mom….  Got my reading done, but posting was another thing:-) 

So…. I didn’t pick just one verse from this portion of Acts.  Instead, I’m loving all the verses that reference baptism and being filled with the Holy Spirit. 

The go hand in hand in so many places.  I praise God for his Holy Spirit.  I know this can be a controversial issues, but it seems so clear to me in scripture.  I can’t imagine life without being filled with His Spirit.  He blesses us in so many ways with his presence in and through us.  WOW…  I’d encourage each of you to re-read these sections for scripture and ask God to reveal himself in new ways.  Be open minded and let him show you his goodness.  He really is our best friend! 

“Thank you Lord for being a triune God.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  You work in so many wonderful ways in our lives..  I ask that you continue to reveal yourself to me.  As I draw close to you God, may you draw closer to me.  I want to know you more.  I want to experience your Holy Spirit working in my life more and for your glory.  Rekindle the fire Lord…”