A Misfit and a Giveaway

While I had grown up in church my entire life and knew and love Jesus from an early age, I couldn’t help but feel like an outsider in my new surroundings. I didn’t talk the talk, or even know what walking their walk looked like. Simply put, I was a misfit.

Monster Meltdown Moment – admit it, we’ve all had one!

You know the moment I’m talking about. The moment when every frustration and worry, along with a dose of anger just spews out. The moment you can’t hold back, and one little thing makes you spew words and appear like a crazy lady. You spew and then you think – oh my goodness, where did that come from and who was that person? My husband can attest I’ve had my fair share, and if we’re honest and can admit it, we’ve all had one! I call it the monster moment.

Seeing myself while walking in the valley

Easter has always been my favorite holiday because it means that if I love Jesus – then I am enough. His dying on the cross and rising again, and my believing it, well, it’s enough.

Jennifer writes on her blog today about the Lenten Journey she is going to lead us on. Would you pray about joining us? And on Easter Morning, as the sun rises, may you be changed – really changed, by the journey and the celebration of Jesus!

If you had seen what I saw @ the Superbowl.

I see countless comments that would lead you to believe that this hype is all just smoke and mirrors and that these women are doing this because they want to. They are doing it for the money. I see that if we look the other way, and don’t see, then it’s ok. And I pause and think, did any of these girls grow up dreaming that they would be a stripper? Or enduring countless men in a day? Did they write on their first grade papers – when I grow up I want to be a prostitute? God did not create us for this. Period.