That Mom Sized Hole In Your Heart

You see, the size of the hole; it matches the size of the love.

Tonight as I look forward to tomorrow and Mother’s day, I’m humbled by the chance I get to be a Mom. And I’m grateful beyond words that I had a Mom that showed me so many things that warrant em

For Christs sake, be a friend!

Life is hard. We are all going to walk through something hard. For some of us it is turmoil in business, for some it is marriage and relationships, some of us will have kids that make bad choices, and others will struggle with addiction or something else. But friends, here’s the thing… no matter what life throws at us, we all need a friend. Especially in the midst of the storm, we need a friend. We need to know that we are not alone and that even in the hard times we have people who care about us.

White as SNOW??

Today, you may be in a storm. Maybe it’s your marriage, or your children; you finances, or a hard situation in life. Whatever storm you are in, no matter how suddenly it blew in, God is making things beautiful. He is working. He’s not surprised, and he’s not snowed in. But he will make something beautiful out of dust.

A prayer when looking for day care…

Consider when looking for daycare how impactful the other families there are to you and your kiddos.

Kim says that God always puts together the perfect group of kids for her. I think it’s because she is intentional in praying for her kids. Reflecting on the week past, I’m praising God for the group of parent’s that I was able to witness last week, and for the group that was active when my kids were at Kim’s everyday.

Forever changed and a storm blows in.

It was time for us to leave. And Daniel was still right in front of me. I had not answers or options or safety for him. I couldn’t imagine getting up and walking away. Yet, I knew I had to. We walked over and I bent down to talk. Tom snapped a photo of us, for my sake, and I told him that I was still looking for help, but that I had lots of friends who would pray and that we trusted Jesus to provide answers. He smiled and said I know. With those words, I had to turn, and walk away. Join me… #prayfordaniel

Is it Enough?

You see, when God says give…. we can’t get hung up on our “is it enough?” God decides when enough is enough and when you need to give. We are just called to listen.

And today, with these girls, I could see God smiling; almost chuckling. In addition to just depositing the money, I was able to chat with these three girls about the orphanage for the special needs kids. How in that country if they are special needs, they throw them away (literally) and no one wants them because they are considered a curse.

All of this is about so much more than $27.28. SO…SO… much more.