I’m Fired?

Grace does not mean that there aren’t consequences. In fact, many times it is just the opposite. At the very beginning of the bible, in Genesis, we see accountability for our actions. If God would have just said to Eve, It’s ok if you eat that fruit… well, the Bible, and our life would look completely different. Instead, God loved Adam and Eve, even though they sinned and made bad choices. He loved them, but there were still consequences. It’s foundational to our beliefs as Christians.

Joining my friends today…

I’m over at the Solio Deo Gloria Sisterhood site today sharing the post on porn.  I’d love for some of my friends to stop by and show them some love! SolioDeoGloria Sisterhood...

Wakeup Call

I’ve written this post in my head a hundred times in the past week. At first I contemplated writing it differently, but then I realized that if none of us talk about the real stuff, if none of us share because it is embarassing, or because we want to protect our kids, or a variety of other reason, well, then, we will all think we are the only ones. So, while it is hard to share, I feel like someone has to be the brave one that says let’s link arms and fight this battle together, instead of hiding in shame.

Jesus’ family wasn’t perfect either.

Many times, it feels like everyone else has it all together, and Christmas at others homes is like a Norman Rockwell painting. And then we look at our Christmas, and struggle to hold it together. Our relationships with our family are many times hard. And while our hearts desire is that everyone could not only get along, but actually enjoy and treasure being together, reality is that many times this isn’t the case. If you’re like me, the holidays are a time of joy, but it’s easy to lose sight of the miracle of Jesus in the middle of the mess of family life.


As I watched our 25 year old Marine embrace his 8 year old sister, being #homeforchristmas took on a whole new perspective. Let’s be honest, family stuff is complicated, and all the gifts, tinsel and glitter doesn’t always fix that. For many of us, family and extended family and time together when the expectation is that we all play nice together and be happy, well, it is overwhelming. Some family moments are like this reunion, and others, well, maybe we don’t look forward to them quite so much.

What are you hiding from at work – Patheos guest post

What if others looked at us and felt a stirring to be a better them. To live according to the light and not hide it under a bushel basket for fear that others may see it and think less of them. If we listen to the Spirit Jesus left behind, instead of being put off by difference, we may find a new passion and excitement, not just in our love for the Lord, but also in our Love for our work. And, when we are passionate, hiding is not an option.